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Kateel Sri Durga Parameshwari Temple

kateel durga parameshwari devi
Kateel is a town in the Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka, India. The town is famous for Goddess Durga Parameshwari temple located on the bank of river Nandini. “Kati” means waist and “Ila” means earth. So ‘Katil’/‘Kateel’ stands for the center of the river Nandini where Devi emerged in the form of 'Linga'.

shree durga parameshwari temple

History: As per the legend, Goddess killed demons Shumbha and Nishumbha. However Arunasura, one of their ministers fled from the battlefield and saved his life. Later he became the leader of the demons. He began to disturb the sages and destruct their Yajnahs. As a result, the Devas stopped raining, which resulted in total draught and scarcity of water and food grains on the earth. Moved by the pathetic conditions of the people Maharshi Jabali, the sage decided to perform a Yajnah and sought help of Lord Indra. He approached Devendra and requested him to send Kamadhenu (a sacred cow) with him to the earth for the ritual. Devendra agreed to this, however Kamadhenu was away in Varunaloka, so he ordered her daughter Nandhini to accompany Jabali to the earth. Nandini however refused to accompany Jabali as she termed it the land of sinners. The sage repeatedly requested Nandini to accompany him however she refused to honor his request. The angry Jabali cursed her to flow as a river on the earth. Nandini prayed Jabali for mercy, kindhearted sage advised her to pray Adhishakti for relief from the curse. Pleased by her deep meditation Goddess appeared before Nandini and told her that she has to flow as a river as a result of the curse, because nobody can trespass the curse of a holy sage. However she assured that ‘she would take birth as her daughter and purify Nandini from the curse’. Satisfied by the assurance by goddess Nandini emerged as a river from Kanakagiri and made the earth green once again.

Meanwhile Arunasura acquired a boon from Brahma, which made him free from death by Trinity, Devatas, men or women or by any two legged, or four legged animals & creatures. Goddess Saraswathi also blessed him with Gayathri Mantra. With this boon he became very powerful and defeated the Devatas and conquered Heaven. The devatas went to Adhishakthi for the rescue. Since Arunasura was reciting Gayathri Manthra even goddess wasn’t able to kill him and suggested them to send Brihaspathi to distract Arunasura from reciting of Gayathri manthra. As suggested by Goddess, Guru Brihaspathi approached Arunasura and flattered him by saying he himself is divine and no need of any meditation. Arunasura believing Brihaspathi’s words stopped meditating Gayathri Manthra and started vainly felling that he was more than God himself. As promised to the Devatas, Goddess reincarnated herself as Mohini (a charming woman) appeared before the demon Arunasura, who was flattered by her beauty, decided to marry her and proposed her. However she opposed to the demons request and teased him as coward for fleeing from war field to save his life from the lady who killed his masters Shumbha & Nishumbha. He became furious and tried to overpower her, but she disappeared inside a rock. Arunasura broke the rock with his sword and suddenly a vast swarm of bees emerged from the rock and stung him. Devi had taken the form of a big, furious bee that is 'Bhramara' and stung him repeatedly and killed the demon.
nandini river

Since the sanctum is in the middle of the river, during rainy seasons, the river Nandini overflows and the sanctum gets flooded with water. It is a real treat to visit the temple during this period and watch the scenic beauty around the temple. Every day free food (annadhaana) is offered to the devotees as prasadam in the temple.

Sri Kateel Yakshagaana Mela is a famous Yakshagaana troupe. Kateel Mela is an important ‘Harake Seva’ troupe. It performs on request by devotees who have taken a vow (Harake) to arrange a show of Yakshagaana for fulfillment of a desire or as a service.

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Kateel is about 360 kilometers from Bangalore and about 26 km from Mangalore. Nearest airport is the airport at Bajpe, just 16 kms from Mangalore city and you can also reach the place by train through the Konkan Railways. Katil is well connected to other places by road by NH 48 and NH 17.
kateel temple
kateel temple entrance

Kateel Temple Address:Kateel Shree Durgaparameshwari Temple
Kateel Post, Mangalore,
Dakshina Kannada District.
Pin Code-574 148, Karnataka State, INDIA
Phone: +91 824 2200361 / 2200591
Fax : +91 824 2200561
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